What we do

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We offer specialized break bulk cargo handling services. We book vessels for break bulk cargo. Our undisputed technical expertise in handling heavy shipment…

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Customs Clearance

We are constantly aware of the major transport issues that the Africa countries are undergoing. Through clear communication, thoughtful collaboration…

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Clearing & Forwarding

We have the local know-how and global resources to provide full clearing and forwarding services for shipments to destinations worldwide, as well as efficient…

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Air Freight

We offer air freight services from Nigeria to any other countries, or vice versa. Our network of well-tested professional partners allows us to manage your shipment…

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One of the key points of a supply chain is warehousing – choosing the right location and the best infrastructures according to the needs of your business improves…

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Perishable Cargo Handling

Perishable cargo requires special attention and dedicated services by experts. With more than 12 years of operating experience in this…

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Import & Export

We can provide import and export clearance, and handle customs formalities anywhere in the world, either by our own offices or through a carefully selected and reliable…

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Sea Freight

We specialize in deep sea shipping Freight Services, deck cargo and project movements; both import and export from / to all main areas of the world. We have partners…

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Land Freight

We offer a large variety of services by road, e.g. Inland transportation, Inland distribution and Full truck load services…

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Why Choose Us

When the best overseas shipping service is your requirement then we are exactly what you need as we reach out to provide our clients with the best possible logistics solutions that are exceptional not just domestically but globally as well. Our team consists of the most proficient international freight agents who are experienced in the fields of International Freight Forwarding & Custom Clearance Our strength lies in the young and dynamic management team including project experts who are always on the go and looking to adapt modern methods and latest technologies so that are services are even more efficient and effective.