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One of the key points of a supply chain is warehousing – choosing the right location and the best infrastructures according to the needs of your business improves operations as well as lead times. In order to meet the seasonal demand, our facilities are multi-users which allows a great flexibility. There is also the possibility of choosing customized and unique warehouses specially made for your company using appropriate equipment and technologies.

Whether you need a maximum level of storage security for precious goods, or need refrigerated storage services, we offer full warehouses services monitored by our skilled staff, ensuring successful business operations for your company. Our warehouses are strategically positioned to ensure that we have easy access to wherever your products needs to be. We also have an impressive variety of services enabling us to move your products to the final delivery point – easily and efficiently. You can use any of our storage management, trucking, reverse logistics, packing and dispatch services.

Our highly skilled employees care about your merchandise as much as you do. Processing and overseeing each detail of every stage, so your products arrives as safely and as quickly as possible. That includes processing all the administrative work, documentation and paperwork before and after the flight so you don’t have to worry.

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